Club Premises

  • Lounges for small gatherings
  • Sambandh for marriage functions
  • Bar
  • Catering
  • Card And Bridge Rooms
  • TV
  • Party Rooms - Basantar, Pages From History, Oasis And Ozone.
  • Tambola is organised every Saturday during summer and every Sunday during winter. Fixed menu buffet meal is made available at concessional rates on Tambola days.
  • Social evenings are organised periodically.
  • Every Thursday, live ghazal performance entertains the clientele from 2000hrs to 2200hrs.
  • Main events organised are Raising Days, New Year's eve, Holi, Rain Dance, Diwali and Christmas eve.

Sports Complex

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Health Club
  • Swimming Pool