Khetarpal Officer's Institute


Club Premises

1. Lounges for small gatherings.
2. Sambandh for marriage functions
3. Bar
4. Catering
5. Card And Bridge Rooms
6. TV
7. Party Rooms - Basantar, Pages From History, Oasis And Ozone
8. Tambola is org every Saturday during summer and every Sunday during winter.  Fixed menu buffet meal is made available at concessional rates on Tombola days.
9.  Social evenings are org periodically.
10. Every Thursday, live ghazal performance entertains the clientele from 2000hrs to 2200 hrs.
11. Main events org are Raising Days, New Year's eve, Holi, Rain Dance, Diwali and Christmas eve.

Sports Complex

1. Tennis
2. Badminton
3. Squash
4. Health Club
5. Swimming Pool